Tutorial Tuesday – Homemade to do list and daily inspiration

Anyone who knows me knows I am queen of the lists. I have lists for everything and can make anything into a list. Lately I have gotten bored with my lists and decided to vamp it up a little. This is a quick tutorial on how to make your own inspirational to do list.

Things you will need

pad of paper






First you are going to decide on a layout of your To Do List. What do you want on your list and how much space do you need on the list?

Make sure your layout has a space for your inspirational quote.

You can either start with the pencil to make the layout or start with the pen. You are going to draw a box and draw lines to map it out.



Then you are going to give your boxes names. I  named the boxes in pencil so I can change it later if need be. Then I underline the title in pen to accentuate it.



After the layout is made and they are titled all that is left is to write the inspirational quote in the empty box. You can do this with a different colour with the pen with pictures with anything. Make it your own. Remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect.

IMG_7947All that’s left is to do the rest of the pages in the notepad and then use it.

Here is another layout option you could try.


This is what mine looks like all filled out.



I hope this helps you get a little more organized. Happy Crafting.



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