Everyone has it and everyone deals with it in their own way. Lately life has gotten stressful and filled with everything it possibly can.

So to remind myself and to hopefully help you here are my top ways of dealing with stress.



Listening to music helps in many ways. I can be having the worse day of my life but with the right song I will crack a smile.

Whether it is dancing like no one is watching (cause really they aren’t they are all looking at their phones) or playing an instrument or belting it out at the top of my lungs, music helps.





Getting lost in a book

I read for many things sometimes it is to escape reality. When I get sucked into a book I forget where I am and lose myself to the story and the new world the book takes me to. Sometimes for just an hour getting lost in a different world can help me relax and de-stress.



Getting lost in a video game

I don’t just get lost in the storyline of a book. I can get lost in a video game too. Once again stepping into that other reality can be the best thing for me.



Taking a bath

Sometimes relaxing in a nice bubble bath and just sitting there with my own thoughts or even a book helps. The relaxing warm water and the quietness of the bathroom can do a lot for your nerves. Plus who doesn’t love to be pampered.




I have many hobbies from painting a canvas or models, to crocheting. Getting lost in a craft or in the details of a model can make me forget about the stresses of life. The added accomplishment of making something helps too.



Don’t take life so seriously

If you don’t stop and fun once in a while then what is the point? Life can’t be filled with so much seriousness or you are going to lose that inner child of yours that never wants to grow up and knows how to have fun.





2 thoughts on “How to de-stress

    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought they would be a great focal point and added to my don’t take life so seriously point. 🙂 Exactly a little music and a relaxing bath can soothe some of the worst days. It doesn’t take a lot to relax once you know how. 🙂

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