The past weekend has been like an opened time-capsule. This year marks my 10th anniversary from graduating high school. It doesn’t feel like it, but the years add up. In the last couple of days I have seen an old friend and talked to another one.

Reminiscing and going through year books have created a sense of nostalgia and fond memories. While I flipped through my yearbook, I remembered old friends and remembered what it felt like to not care what other people thought.

I was creative and did whatever I felt like doing. From wearing my controversial corset to school, chopping my hair off on a whim or even getting surface piercings, if I wanted it, I went for it.

I still have that corset and I’ve recently regained the courage to give my hair a drastic overhaul but I’m still not the same girl … not yet.

As I looked through my yearbook, and read through the signatures, I remembered people I loved and have lost and remembered people who are still near to my heart.

In light of this flashback, and my current bad day, I decided to try and bring back some of my rebellious nature and some of my youthful creativity. I did this, by wearing my old prom dress and rocking my beautiful leather jacket. To keep with the fearless attitude, I also took my photo with no makeup and no retakes.


Colour outside the lines,

Amy with some attitude


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