As life took a turn, and hit the crazy section of the highway, the fearless turn-offs didn’t get pushed a side. Throughout the chaos of a new job and a whole lot of unpleasantness, being fearless helped push me through a lot of the wreckage.

I even started playing with make up again. Bright vibrant kick you in the face colours!

My #inspiration for the #day #red

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I even played with a lipstick or two.


Be #bold #selfie #undercut #makeup #redlips #longhair

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One of the more fearless things I did was graduate. What if it was just like all the other moments of me walking across a stage? They normally ended in a trip or a fall or a tumble or two. What if my knee goes out and BAM! I can’t get up when I need to? So many things passed through my mind and yet, I did it. (Mind you there was a screw up – but it wasn’t me! The announcer called out the wrong program … oops)


Officially #graduated from #durhamcollege #selfie

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And I even rocked one of my favourite dresses an oldie but a goodie underneath that gown. Just, so I would know a piece of the old me I have been looking for hasn’t disappeared completely.




These aren’t all of the fears that I have faced in the time that I have been AFK, but they are some brief moments. I look forward to showing you some more of the fearless endeavours I have gone through in the next coming weeks.

But, until then,

Colour outside the lines,

A braver Amy.


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