As I continue my quest to be fearless I am finally working and completing something I have been afraid to do and avoided for most of my adult life.

Selling artwork.

I never truly thought my art was worth anything and never thought anyone would pay for it.

I mean 18-year-old Amy contemplated going to OCAD but didn’t again because of that dreaded word. FEAR! I was afraid I would fail, I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. And well sometimes 28-year-old Amy thinks about it still but travelling and going to school again is a huge commitment. So it flows in and then dreams out.

So instead, I have decided to start selling my art online. If people don’t like it or don’t want to pay for it they don’t have to. I’m going to take the leap and just go forward. As I go through all the processes of opening an online store I am finding out more and more about myself.

One being I don’t give myself as much credit as I should. Looking through other prints and other shops I was undercutting myself by almost 150% of what other sellers were charging. I re-evaluated myself and decided I was worth at least as much as they were.

As I go through my list of needs and supplies the shop is getting closer and closer to its grand opening and I am growing less terrified and more excited. The teenager in me is excited for the new journey and the adult is still wondering if people will even pay for it.

We will see who wins out. But until next time,

Colour outside the lines,

A hopeful and entrepreneurial Amy


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